Workshop Dr. Peter Gäng

Back to the roots

Mindfulness has become a widely used technique for different purposes. The main one seems to be stress-reduction, aditionally there is relaxation etc. In many buddhist contexts mindfulness is reduced to a means for generating insight (vipassana) which is understood as seeing the three characteristics of being: impermanence, non-self and suffering. In studying the source-texts - satipatthanasutta, anapana-sati texts and others - it becomes obvious that mindfulness is much more than this: It is a central aspect of buddhist spirituality, an essential existential method to understand being itself.

Dr. Peter Gäng

born 1942, study of indology, philosophy, social sciences mostly at Berlin University, thesis on hermeneutics of tantric buddhism. He is founding member of the Buddhist Academy Berlin-Brandenburg and has publishes some translations of Buddhist tantric texts (from sanskrit), some books on Buddhism (general Buddhism and tantric Buddhism),  and a couple of essays on different buddhist themes. He lives and works in Berlin as author and editor for a buddhist publication house („Bbuddhistischer Studienverlag, His main topics are Pali-Buddhism and tantric Buddhism.